بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamu Alaikum.

I’ve been thinking about the “Understand the Quran Ayah by Ayah” series for the last few days.

It’s taken up more time than I thought it would (because I had to make sure that the translation was correct – this is the explanation of the Quran, after all) and yesterday, I ran out of time and was unable to post it.

Also, I realised that I did not feel comfortable posting the translation without someone checking first – and everyone is busy in Ramadan.

I originally wanted to do this project in Ramadan as this is the Month of the Quran and I thought I could help people keep in touch with the Quran.

Well, in doing so, I have had less time with the Quran than I would have liked, because the translation was taking so long.

Also, I’m also running some series on my other blogs, and as my Ramadan blog is my main priority, I have to spend some more time working on that.

So, what am I trying to say? Well, after praying Istikhara, I decided to postpone this project until after Ramadan. I think that I could do a much better (and more accurate) job that way.

What about this blog? Well, I’ll resume the original plan for this blog – which is to post articles and lectures related to tafsir.

However, I’ll make sure that I’ll post every day as that would be more beneficial.

For all those who might have been waiting for this series, please accept my apologies. I hope you understand why I had to delay the series.

Insha-Allah, I’ll resume it after Ramadan, and add all the translations that I mentioned in the original post.