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Assalamu Alaikum.

So, how do we explain the Quran exactly? Can anyone just pick up the mushaf, look at an ayah and say “Hmm..I think this means that [insert assumption here]”?

That might sound funny but sadly, this is what is happening in our times. Unqualified people are talking about the Quran without knowledge. They state what they think is the interpretation.

Well, this is the speech of Allah and this is how we interpret it? With our desires?????

No, this isn’t the way. There is a step by step approach to explaining the Quran.

Here’s a series by Dr. Bilal Philips where he explains how it is done:

1) Explanation of the Quran in Context

2) Understanding the Quran by the Sunnah

3) Understanding the Quran by the Athaar

4) Understanding the Quran by the Arabic Language

5) Understanding Quran by Opinion